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Houston, we have a problem

2010-07-23 04:12:12 by jonnyi6

Houston, we have a problem, There is a fake, here on Newgrounds.

Yesterday when trying to submit our new game - Doodle Blast, I Picked Up On This Fake Guy His Profile is '16docom' after telling him what my job is at which involves updating the site, submitting games, production of games, link exchanging, game ideas etc.
he tells me that this is his job also, when I work with the owner on a daily basis and everybody plays their role in keeping the site up and running.
I Really couldnt understand this.
I Will post a list of games that will be added today, before the other guy can, to prove to you guys who's the fake and who's not.


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2010-07-23 05:36:28

Shoot a PM to Tomfulp:

and explain the situation to him. NG doesn't allow stolen content, though it would help if this account, had an email address from your site to prove that it's legit.

jonnyi6 responds:

You Can Cotact Us @;
But Thanks For Your Help :)


2010-07-23 06:26:42

The Games That Will Be posted Today Are As Follows;
Check The New Games Page On (

Bikes Spot The Difference
Its Gonna Blow
Scrap Bike
Freeway Fury
5 Minutes To Kill Your Self
Basketball Championship
Cute Zombie School Defence
Oil Spill
Thank You All For Your Time